5 best video editing apps

With the launch of Instagram Reels and Tiktok surpassing the number of views on Youtube, it is clear that video is the future for all content creators. While it does add to the pressure of creating a story line, concept and eventually presenting it as a beautiful video, the editing part seems as the mostContinue reading “5 best video editing apps”

How to cure post travel withdrawals?

Our vacations are a reflection of what we feel or what we want to feel. While for some, a vacation is all about learning about themselves, exploring new places, learning the history of a place for others it’s an escape from the ‘real’ world. Personally for me, my vacations are a reflection of who IContinue reading “How to cure post travel withdrawals?”

Top 5 cafes in Udaipur with a view

Are you someone like me who loves to explore the food a place has to offer apart from the touristy things to do? If you are that person, then you have come to the very right place. While Udaipur has a lot of cafes and street foods options to choose from, in this blog IContinue reading “Top 5 cafes in Udaipur with a view”

Must have travel beauty essentials

Have you been in a spot where you have forgotten your favorite lipstick or that must have face serum? I sure have! It can be very challenging to find your favorite beauty products on the go as prices can fluctuate from country to country. Also not to forget the risk of buying counterfeit products orContinue reading “Must have travel beauty essentials”

5 best photo editing apps for your phone

These are great photo editing apps (for both Android and Iphone) which can help you make your content stand out! Are you looking to promote your business with the power of social media or someone trying to make a personal brand? Catching your customer’s attention is hard, especially when attention spans are shrinking to asContinue reading “5 best photo editing apps for your phone”

Top 10 Street Food Options in Delhi

I believe the street food of a place is a reflection of its true characteristic. Delhi, famous for its historic culture is also known as a foodie paradise. The street food options in Delhi are absolutely spectacular and mouth watering. Street food has been recognized as one of the prime attractions of Delhi.No vacation inContinue reading “Top 10 Street Food Options in Delhi”

Must have travel apps for travelers in India

When it comes to planning a holiday, travelers these days are highly relying on their smartphones. If you are someone who is looking to travel in India and explore the beauty this country has to offer, then I would highly recommend downloading these apps which can ease your travel experience. Travel Apps are not onlyContinue reading “Must have travel apps for travelers in India”

Bir Billing – Best Places To Eat

If you are someone like me who loves food then I am sure trying out local cuisines or café hopping at a new place would be a part of your itinerary too! When I am planning a getaway to a new city/town/village, apart from researching the best places to visit I also do a thoroughContinue reading “Bir Billing – Best Places To Eat”

Skincare Favourites during Quarantine

Well just like any other girl, I enjoy using makeup a lot. But, I do realize that prolonged use of makeup can lead to clogged pores, irritated skin and so much more! Also, I would agree I don’t have the best eating habits (I am trying to be healthy 🙂 🙃). Well they say, whatContinue reading “Skincare Favourites during Quarantine”

My Absolute Travel Essentials

2020 has been the year of many firsts. I never imagined (ok may be slightly I did!), that we would be stuck at home in a pandemic. But as travel is bouncing back and many states are relaxing their regulations, I am sure you all would be planning your short weekend trips. Well this post talksContinue reading “My Absolute Travel Essentials”