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If you are someone like me who loves food then I am sure trying out local cuisines or café hopping at a new place would be a part of your itinerary too! When I am planning a getaway to a new city/town/village, apart from researching the best places to visit I also do a thorough research on best places to eat (LOL!). So naturally, it was no different for Bir Billing.

But the food and the cafés here took me by surprise. I wouldn’t be lying when I tell you this is probably one of those places (tops my list!) where I had some of the most amazing food. And above all, it was so so affordable! Stay and food are probably the two spheres of travel where people end up spending the most. For solo travelers this cost can add up drastically! But Bir Billing is one of those places where you can have a full meal and not end up spending too much money.

So, without any further ado, I think I should begin sharing my recommendations where you can get some lip smacking food at affordable costs. So lets get started….

Disclaimer – The costs mentioned are for 3 people. The cost might vary on what you order, how much you order and how many people you are 🙂

Silver Linings

My first and foremost recommendation has to be the Silver Linings café. This is one of the most popular café in Bir and a must visit! This is not your quintessential cafes with great interiors or seating, but a small hut like set up! All the décor at this place is made out of recycled bottles and plastic. You will also find a bunch of cute and extremely friendly dogs and puppies hanging around the café. Now coming to the food!

The menu consists of an assortment of options from burgers to pastas and amazing coolants. My personal favorite has to be the pasta with a hint of rosemary. Even the Sandwiches were lip smacking. We ordered two side dishes, one pasta and 3 drinks and our total bill was just INR 800 (I mean what!!!). I would highly highly recommend checking out this place in Bir. Also I forgot to mention they grow most of the herbs themselves (that is so cool).

AVVA's Cafe

If you are someone like me who enjoys South Indian food especially Dosa’s, then this is the place for you. Set right opposite Silver Linings, this café gives true Santorini Vibes. The Café is set amidst lush green fields with a bunch of seating options – Indoor seating, outdoor seating and roof top seating. I would highly recommend going to this place for breakfast. The staff will greet you with rasam and chana. The menu consists of a variety of options of Dosa, Uttapam, Idli’s etc. The food is fulfilling and one dosa can fill you up really easily. We ordered 3 dosa, 2 uttapams and one papad. The total cost for three was only INR 700.

Cloud Door

If you are planning a trip to Bir and are searching online for food options, then this place will not come up anywhere as recommendations or a must visit place. But, I am glad that I am getting an opportunity to introduce you to this place. This place was a local’s favorite who was showing us around Bir. He kept on comparing this café with one of the most expensive café of Bir. And boy this place truly shocked me.

Set in between tea gardens in the Chaugan area, this place offers Italian and Indian food. We tried the Pizza here at the recommendation of Sunny Bhaiya (our guide). We also ordered the classic coleslaw sandwich, iced coffee and virgin mojito. The food was amazing and the staff was very courteous. You can also get your pizza’s customized here!

Gliders Pizzerria

Another famous café at Bir is the Gliders Pizzerria. This place is famous for its wood fried pizza and have a variety of options to choose from. This place is right next to Avva’s cafe and has indoor and outdoor seating options. The place is very quaint and quiet. One can enjoy a blissful afternoon here and relax on the cozy chairs. The menu also consists of a few dessert options and offers some lip smacking cold coffee. If you are a big fan of wood fired pizza’s then this place should be on your list. The cost for three was INR 625.

Nima's Fast Food

Honestly for me having a plate of hot steaming momos’ on a cold evening is equivalent to heaven. This place is located in the Bir Market. If you are someone like me who loves momos’ then this is the place for you. Apart from some amazing momos they also serve other Indian Chinese food items such as Chowmein etc. The couple running this place are one of the nicest people I have ever met, spreading smiles while serving food! The momos’ costed INR 70 a plate.

Apart from the above cafes, I would also recommend checking out Mafia and Vairagi. We also tried the soups at Mafia but thats the only item we ordered as we weren’t hungry that night. The soup was just INR 80 bucks.

The best part about exploring Bir has been its people! They will serve you food with a smile and there is personalized touch in their services. Like I said in my previous blog, it seems like “Maa k haath ka khaana“. We ended up complimenting the people making the food. Its safe to say, Bir is the best place to eat some lip smacking food.

So those are my top café recommendations and a must try for everyone visiting Bir – Billing! I hope you enjoyed reading this one and found it useful. Do let me know which café are you most excited to check out.

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  1. The food options seem very economical. Also for a vegetarian like me there seems to be ample options available. Also going by the pics, the food appears scrumptious. For a foodie like me, this is a definite incentive to visit Bir Billing!

  2. Can’t wait to visit there after reading this .. and pls take me with you on your next on the list.

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