Skincare Favourites during Quarantine

Well just like any other girl, I enjoy using makeup a lot. But, I do realize that prolonged use of makeup can lead to clogged pores, irritated skin and so much more! Also, I would agree I don’t have the best eating habits (I am trying to be healthy 🙂 🙃). Well they say, what you eat reflects on your body especially on your face. Though a balanced diet plays a major role in achieving that healthy and glowy skin, but you also need a good skincare routine.

I have been struggling with acne for years (and mine is quite a bad case!). But over the years I have seen it subsiding and my skin become clearer. I do get the occasional acne on my face but that’s ok! (2020 has been really sad and we have got to stop being harsh on ourselves)

If I have to describe my skin type, its extremely oily during summers and in the winters it gets dry in certain areas! I have tried a lot of skin care products and I guess now its safe to say, I have found a few which work on my skin perfectly! By no means, I am saying that if a certain product has worked for me it will work for you. I am just sharing my experience and all the products that I have been enjoying these past 8 months.

So without any further ado, lets get started!!

(Disclaimer – I am not a beauty or skincare guru! I am just sharing my experience. Please consult your dermatologist before switching to any products!)


I have got to start with this one! This product has worked wonders on my skin and I have seen a visible difference. Not to lie from a facewash perspective this is a bit expensive, but every penny invested in this product is worth it. It helps in removing the excess sebum (oily and slightly waxy substance found on the skin) from your skin and also helps in clearing the pores. Personally, I feel this product should work perfectly for anyone having oily skin.

For my dry skin people (yes boys, skincare is important for you too!), this is not for you as the product does have a drying effect (Struggling hard to explain the effects 😛). I have thoroughly enjoyed using the product during the quarantine months and I think you should definitely try it out.

The product is available on Faceshop official website, Amazon, Nykaa etc.

Retail Price – INR 690 (Approx $10)
Quantity of product – 150gm



Well Plum is that one brand, I totally swear by. I have been using their products for such a long time and they surely don’t disappoint. One of my all time favorite mask has to be the green tea mask. Again, my oily skin people this is a gem! Its a clay based mask and helps in absorbing the excess oil. The green tea extracts helps in controlling the acne and the glycolic acid helps in gentle exfoliation of dead cells. The products are paraben free and the brand is vegan!!

The mask does sting a little bit after application, so sensitive people should probably give this one a pass! I have not only enjoyed this product during the quarantine but also for years now. You should definitely try this one out.

Available on Plum Goodness official website, Amazon, Nykaa etc.
Retail Price – INR 490 (Approx $6.5)
Quantity of product – 60gm



Surprise Surprise, another favorite product from none other than PLUM. This is one of the best toner’s that I have ever tried! The product is perfect for oily and combination skin and helps keeping acne at bay. Its rich in green tea extracts which helps in toning, hydrating and clarifying the skin. This is one of those products which I have enjoyed for years now and gone back to again and again.

For my normal skin girls, I would suggest you can try the Chamomile and white tea calming toner. I have tried this one as well and it is absolutely amazing (Smells Divine!).

Available on Plum Goodness official website, Amazon, Nykaa etc.
Retail Price – INR 390 (Approx $5)
Quantity of product – 200ml


One of the products that I am truly grateful to have discovered during this quarantine. Before the quarantine, I really didn’t pay much attention to undereye creams and I thought the concept doesn’t really work. But thanks to my sleep schedule being totally disturbed during this fabulous period (Sarcastic much!), I saw visible dark circles and dehydration! So, I decided to give this product a shot, and Oh! Boy, I am glad I found this one!

As the name suggests, the product has coffee extracts which is rich in antioxidants which helps in reducing dark circles and hydrates the under eye region. The product also consists of vitamin E and white water lily which helps in recovery from sun damage and reduction in wrinkles and visible lines! I have been using this product twice a day for almost 8 months now and I have seen a tremendous difference in my under eye area. If you haven’t tried this product you definitely should! Also, its an Indian skincare brand (That is so cool!!)

Available on their website, Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon
Retail Price – INR 575 (Approx $8)
Quantity of Product – 30 ml


Not to lie, I invested in this product because I saw so may beauty bloggers raving about it! This product is so damn expensive and I kept on waiting for some kind of massive discount to happen (I bought this during the Amazon sale).

I started using this product after I ran out of my favorite moisturizer of all time (Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer). And I have to say, all that raving is justified. This is a beautiful, light weight moisturizer and is not sticky. It does an amazing job of hydrating the skin. The product is suitable for all skin types. A little goes a long way, so this bottle won’t be finishing that soon! Also this product is paraben free and SLS free.

Available on official website, Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra.
Retails Price – INR 1599 (Approx $22)
Quantity of Product – 145 ml


Another beautiful product that I thoroughly enjoyed during the quarantine months. This product works wonders on your lips and leaves them baby soft! It melts down the stubborn dead skin from the lips overnight and hydrates it. This product can also be used during the daytime. Though the product is on the expensive side but it does the job perfectly!

Available on Nykaa
Retail Price – 500 (Approx $7)
Quantity of product – 8gm


I am not sure whether an underarm roll-on would fall in the category of skincare, but its ok I am including it. I feel extremely confident and happy when I am feeling fresh even when I am at home. For me keeping my underarms fresh is an absolute must. This product has been my best friend during the quarantine as I used this almost everyday!

I honestly love roll-ons as they don’t have the harsh chemicals and do the job really well!

Available on Amazon, Nykaa etc.
Retail Price – INR 125 (Approx $2)
Quantity of Product – 50gm

So there goes, the list of all the products that I have enjoyed during the past eight months! Do let me know in the comments section, which products did you enjoy or what new skincare products you tried this quarantine!!


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  1. Beautifully written article! Have to try some of the products recommended, especially the eye cream!

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