7 habits to prepare you for a new week

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Who doesn’t love a Sunday. I am sure all of you do. Its a day when we get some rest from work, spend time with our loved ones, or practically just anything. However, no matter how early you wake up or how long you spend in bed on Sunday, it’s only a matter of time before Monday comes around. This means you need to make the most of Sunday while you can!

Though we love to laze around in Sundays but incorporating certain habits can basically help in easing the coming week. I have followed these habits myself and have seen an improvement in my week. The below checklist in no way guarantees you having an awesome week. But it will surely help you in getting through your week much easily.

Read on to find the seven habits I have practically involved in my life that has helped me.Β  I hope it helps you too!


Maintaining and creating TO DO list can help you cruise through a week easily. By writing down everything you need to get accomplished during the upcoming week, you’ll be able to better plan each day, keep yourself organized and won’t be surprised by any deadlines.


If you are someone who is facing issues in meeting deadlines then prioritizing tasks is the best way to go! If you have an urgent deadline coming up, make sure you schedule a time to finish that task/project first, even if it means pushing off other tasks. This pretty much goes hand in hand with my first point. Create/Maintain your to do lists in such a way that you prioritize the tasks/projects that have to be completed within that week. Next list down the others tasks in order of their relevance and importance.

Sunday Habits


Its rightfully said that your surroundings can have a deep impact on your thought process. If you are in and around happy surroundings your mind would automatically think happy thoughts and same is true vice versa. Take some time on a Sunday afternoon to organize everything so you can start your week with a clean state. Trust me, I have tried this myself and it has not only led to increased productivity but has also helped me in channeling my thoughts in a much better way.


I am sure we all are subscribed to a bunch of sites form which we receive mails time to time offering some kind of discount or alerting us about some kind of promotions. We often skip reading such mails and they just pile up over time. This can lead to a situation where one day you open up your mail and find some random 100 mails unread in your inbox. You can an organize your mailbox every Sunday and can even unsubscribe to a couple of mailing lists which no more excite you!


Sunday can be a great day to review your finances. You can categorize your expenses and can analyze them to understand if any unnecessary purchases were made that week! This method has worked for me clearly during these times. I remember during the lockdown I used to unmindfully end up scrolling some shopping website and just order something unnecessary. Sitting down at the end of the week and analyzing my spend has not only helped me in curtailing my expenses and but has also helped in valuing the things I already own!

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One can’t stress enough on a how a good nights rest can be beneficial for your mind and body. It’s important to give yourself a proper night of sleep before tackling Monday!


Watching reruns of your favorite television shows, spending time with your loved ones & indulging in some board games, reading your favorite book (or starting a new one!) or enjoying a picnic in the park. Its simpler than you think. Its that of the week where you can unwind and relax your mind and body.

So here you go the seven habits that I have inculcated and which have helped me in getting through my week much easily. To be honest there are weeks where these seven habits may not be much useful but it can still help you getting your week in order! I hope you enjoyed this blog and have found something valuable and worth imbibing!

Until then, stay tuned for the next one πŸ™‚


A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.


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  1. Definitely a nice plan to tackle the monday blues! Crisp and short, keep up thegood work Ritu.

  2. Wow! Such an useful topic especially this time when we are socially distant and we stay home more than often and yet laze around.. Iam surely going to try these… thanks a lot 😘

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