The Ultimate 2024 Travel Bucketlist You Need!!!

We are six months into 2023, and it’s the perfect time to plan the travels of the coming months and those big trips for the next year! Given the rise in air fares and travel becoming a little too expensive, its best to plan ahead and save up on some big costs. I curate theseContinue reading “The Ultimate 2024 Travel Bucketlist You Need!!!”

The Ultimate Travel Bucketlist for 2023

Where will 2023 take you? Its almost 7 months down in 2022, and I’ve started day dreaming about all the far-flung destinations and local hotspots I want to explore next year. I find the months of August-September to be the best time to start planning and curating a bucketlist for myself. Just like last year’sContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Bucketlist for 2023”

Travel Bucketlist for 2022 (An Epic List!)

People often ask me, why do I create bucketlists for a coming year or what purpose it serves. Am I able to achieve all destinations listed on my travel bucketlist or not. For me a bucketlist serves as a motivator. It reminds me of why I run a travel blog, why I share my experiencesContinue reading “Travel Bucketlist for 2022 (An Epic List!)”