Top 10 Street Food Options in Delhi

I believe the street food of a place is a reflection of its true characteristic. Delhi, famous for its historic culture is also known as a foodie paradise. The street food options in Delhi are absolutely spectacular and mouth watering. Street food has been recognized as one of the prime attractions of Delhi.

No vacation in Delhi is complete without trying out the delicacies this city has to offer. So without any further ado, lets start with the top 10 street food items you should definitely try. Lets go….

Chole Bhature

The first dish that comes to my mind as soon as I think of street food in Delhi has to be Chole Bhature. A delicacy liked by many, should be on your list when visiting Delhi. The dish comprises of fluffy bhature and mouth-watering chole. Served with special Chutney, slices of onion and whole green chillies, you can’t get enough.

Ram Ladoo

These fried dal pakoras or ram ladoos are to die for and something that I absolutely cherish. Served with radish slices and mint chutney, this can be your perfect snack in the evening along with some tea!

Best places to try – Multiple outlets around Delhi. My favorite has to be at Alaknanda, Janakpuri and Lajpat Nagar Market


This has to be my personal favorite street food. One fun fact about me – I love a good plate of hot steaming momos. You will find various momo joints in the city and Delhiites enjoying the same. From students to shoppers, to corporate workers, this is a local favorite. Served with some amazing chutney, you can find a variety of momos from steamed to fried to chocolate momos (Yes! you read that right).

Kurkure Momos

Best place to try – Dolma Aunty momos in Lajpat Nagar and Greater Kailash 1, Janpath market, SatyaNiketan.

Desi Burgers

You must have tried the burgers from Mc Donalds or any cafe, but have you tried the street burgers? If you haven’t yet, you are definitely missing something. Filled with well-fried tikkis and an assortment of sauces, these buns are mouth watering.

Best places to try – At any burger cart located in Delhi markets


Another delicacy that you definitely have to try are, Kachori’s. Its a deep fried snack stuffed often with pyaaz, a combination of yellow moong dal or urad dal and other spices. You can either eat the same dry or with aloo subzi. Either way its something you should definitely give a shot.

Best place to try – Hanuman Kachori waala at Connaught Place

Aloo Tikki

Another OG street food of Delhi is Aloo tikki. If you haven’t heard of it then you are surely living under the rock. Aloo tikki are mashed potato patties with coriander, peas and spices, deep fried in oil. It is served hot with a side of saunth, tamarind and coriander mint sauce and sometimes with Yoghurt.

I prefer having the same without Yoghurt!

Best place to try – Prince Pan Greater Kailash 1, C1 Block Market – Janakpuri

Aloo Tikki, Jankpuri


It is one of the most common street food in India. Known by different names in different states, this is the one dish that is loved by people of all age groups. Golgappe consists of a round or ball shaped, hollow puri, filled with a mixture of flavored water, tamarind chutney, chilli powder, chaat masala, potato mash, onion or chickpeas. Its an assortment of flavor you definitely don’t want to miss.

Best places to try – Lajpat nagar market, Ashok chaat bhandar, Chawri bazaar

Photo by Amresh Gupta on

Cholei Kulche

Boiled Chole prepared with fresh tomatoes, onions and lemon along with a kulcha fried in butter are just exquisite to try for. This is the perfect breakfast snack that you can relish.

Best place to try – Lotanwalei at Chandni Chowk, Near tip top market in Karol Bagh


No matter wherever you try rolls in, the experience would be one of a kind for lifetime. Every street vendor have their own way of preparing it and a unique stuffing recipe. From paneer (cottage cheese) to aloo (potatoes) to chicken rolls to what not. The options are limitless!

Best places to try – Street vendors at CR Park Market 1, Satyaniketan, Chowrangee Lane

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Parathas the staple breakfast of Indian’s is something you should never ever miss when in Delhi. Prepared with a healthy splash of butter with diverse stuffing, a paratha can kick start your day in a go. Often served with side dishes such as curd, fried egg, jeera aloo etc. this is one thing you should definitely try!

Best places to try – Parathe waalei gali at Chandni chowk, Moolchand parathe waalei

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So there it is, my top 10 street food options that you should definitely try in Delhi. But this is not all that Delhi has to offer, there is so much more. If you have been to Delhi, tell me what is your favorite street food item. I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

If you are planning to visit Delhi, then you should check out my other blog – Top 12 things to do in Delhi. Until then, I will see you next time with another interesting read.


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  1. Waiting for the pandemic to end to try the ones i haven’t tried in your list!! Well written!

  2. Very well written! Its been a while since I have eaten some good street food. Waiting for things to get better!

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