The Beginner’s Guide to International Trip

The one thing that should be on everyone’s bucketlist is “Travelling Abroad”. Whether you are taking a vacay to a nearby country or another corner of the world, the thought of taking your first international trip releases all the good hormones.     Travelling has taught me so much and has helped me shape asContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to International Trip”

How to cure post travel withdrawals?

Our vacations are a reflection of what we feel or what we want to feel. While for some, a vacation is all about learning about themselves, exploring new places, learning the history of a place for others it’s an escape from the ‘real’ world. Personally for me, my vacations are a reflection of who IContinue reading “How to cure post travel withdrawals?”

How to plan the perfect staycation?

Have you ever thought of planning a staycation? But then were like – what’s the point in it? Well, who doesn’t like a vacation. However, limited time off or cash in the vacation fund can make a dream trip difficult. A perfect alternative to that is STAYCATION, where you have a vacation like experience withoutContinue reading “How to plan the perfect staycation?”

Essential Tips for Solo Travel

Over the years, solo travel has emerged as the most compelling way of exploring the world. More and more people are opting for this mode of travel as it forces travelers to come out of their comfort zone and find solace in the unknown. Well it can sound daunting but not impossible! There are variousContinue reading “Essential Tips for Solo Travel”

Cheap countries you can travel to from India

Planning your first ever international trip is indeed a task. From choosing the right place to setting the right budget, these are decisions which cannot be taken lightly. I have been planning my dream ‘first’ international trip for long. I have zeroed upon so many locations and always end up getting confused on which locationContinue reading “Cheap countries you can travel to from India”

Must have travel apps for travelers in India

When it comes to planning a holiday, travelers these days are highly relying on their smartphones. If you are someone who is looking to travel in India and explore the beauty this country has to offer, then I would highly recommend downloading these apps which can ease your travel experience. Travel Apps are not onlyContinue reading “Must have travel apps for travelers in India”

My Absolute Travel Essentials

2020 has been the year of many firsts. I never imagined (ok may be slightly I did!), that we would be stuck at home in a pandemic. But as travel is bouncing back and many states are relaxing their regulations, I am sure you all would be planning your short weekend trips. Well this post talksContinue reading “My Absolute Travel Essentials”