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It’s always nice to have a place where you can not only grab a good meal but also spend a good stretch of time. If you love eating food as much as I do, then this one is for you. The perks of living in a city for over 20 years is that one gets to taste all the delicacies the city has to offer.

Delhi has a plethora of options to choose from. Street food to fine dining restaurants, you want it and Delhi has it! Obviously I haven’t eaten at all the wonderful cafe’s, restaurants or explored all the street food options, but I do have a few favorites (places I have visited over and over again).

So lets get started!! 🙂

Big Chill Café

My first and foremost choice has to be the Big Chill Café. It is one of my favorite hangout places of all times. The place is mostly crowded and there is a long waiting list (But it’s worth it!). The interiors are decorated with old school wall paper with huge posters of Hollywood movies which gives an edge to the café.

The whole thing is 80s Hollywood style. The lighting inside is warm and cozy. The food is scrumptious. Every item on the menu is authentic, freshly prepared and tastes amazing. It’s more of a lazy day comfort food, but still fancy. The staff is courteous and quick on their feet. They are always ready to accommodate as much as possible. My personal favorite has to be the pastas, the pizza’s and the heavy shakes. Big chill is equally famous for its desserts and you can literally order anything from cheesecake to chocolate cake. It’s heavenly!! If you are in Delhi, you should definitely try this place out.

Cost for two – INR 1500 for two.
Cuisine – Italian and Mediterranean
Locations – Several in Delhi


Ok! lets just begin with the fact that this is one of the most beautiful cafes Delhi has to offer. It is not only popular amongst the students but also amongst grown ups! The first time I stepped into this place, I was mesmerized by its beauty and the vibe it carried.

Everything about this place will catch your eyes – the décor, the lights, the ambience and the setup. The food here is amazing with a variety of options to choose from, starting from mouth watering appetizers like crispy zucchini fries to Diggin specials. Even the shakes and other beverages are heavenly. My personal favorites are passion fruit caprioska and chocolate mocha shake. This place is perfect for a date night as well as for a brunch with friends.

Cost for two – INR 1400
Cuisine – Continental and Italian
Locations – Anand Lok and Chanakyapuri

One8 Commune

I wouldn’t lie, but this is my recent favorite. This is a concept café owned none other than our very own Virat Kohli (Fun Fact – Virat Kohli is the highest followed Indian on Instagram). Ok coming back to the food and the ambience – This café has amazing interiors and as soon as you enter, you will we greeted with a big “signature” wall of Virat Kohli. The seating is very comfortable and well laid out. Their menu consists of amazing options starting from Continental food to Indian food.

A section of the menu also consists of Virat Kohli’s specials (super healthy and super yum!). In my opinion you should definitely try those out. Out of the amazing options One8 has to offer, my favorite has to be the Asparagus and Avocado Sushi and the nachos (Some of the best Sushi I ever had!). Though this place is slightly on the pricier side but its worth it. Also the staff is very courteous and guide you through the menu well.

Cost for two – INR 2500
Cuisine – Indian, Continental and Asian
Location – Aerocity


So for all the people who enjoy Chinese cuisine as much as I do, this is the place for you. This restaurant is always preferred by my parents for family dinners. Its one of those places where you can enjoy a nice and quiet evening with good food. The ambience of this place is top notch. The staff here is very courteous and the service super quick. The menu has tons of options to choose from and there is something for everyone. My personal favorites has to be the crispy honey chicken and the wontons.

Actually, every time I go here , I try something new, I totally fall in love with the dish (difficult to choose a fav dish eh!). Even the quantity is quite good and satisfactory. Overall, if you like to take your parents out for a nice and quite evening, you should definitely check this place out.

Pro tip – Do try the momos. They are yummylicious!

Cost for two – INR 1200
Cuisine – Chinese, Thai and Asian
Locations – Several in Delhi

Café Delhi Heights

The one place where you can get anything to everything. Their cuisine consists of Modern Indian, Asian, Continental, Chinese and Finger Bites. If you are with a group of people with different food preferences, this is the place for you. The staff is courteous and has a chill ambience. Certain tables have a cabana style layout which look very picturesque. But these are the tables which are mostly taken. Also, this place offers board games so you can enjoy good food with games.

The quantity of the food is decent and the service is fast. My personal favorite from their menu has to be Indian Railways Cutlet, Hakka Noodles and super heavy shakes. They also have an outstanding beverage menu! Also, during the evening the place has good live music. I would highly recommend you all to try this place out.

Bonus – They have a vegan menu!! So for the all health conscious people you have a lot of options to choose from. Also you should definitely try the Indian menu out. Its different!

Cost for two – INR 1500
Cuisine – Modern Indian, Asian, Continental, Chinese
Locations – Several in Delhi

Big Yellow Door

Probably one of the most budget option on this list (Trust me, I eat at all places but just wanted to start with the absolute favorites in this one!). This is one of the best place to hang out with your friends if you are on a budget. The seating is pretty innovative and so is the food. To tell you more about the seating, they have a mix of low floor tables and regular tables.

Since this place is popular amongst the student community the waiting can extend to 45 mins. Tried veg baked nachos, chicken pasta with mushrooms, a pasta with vodka in it (can’t really remember the exact name!) Everything was very filling and tasted delicious!

A must visit with friends. Staff is friendly but due to the extreme rush they keep ogling at their customers (May be thinking when will they leave!). I would highly recommend you all to try this place out.

Cost for two – INR 800
Cuisine – Italian
Location – North Campus and Satya Niketan

(The reason for not having any pictures of this place is probably because my friends and I jumped on the food immediately on it being served!!)


Well there has to be one café recommendation which only serves desserts, otherwise what kind of a blog is this. And I had to definitely include this one!! If you love waffles then this is the place for you! (But then, I wonder who doesn’t? If you don’t like waffles, comment down below which is your fav dessert. Ok! Moving on..). Located at Greater Kailash – 1 M Block market, its a cute and cozy café. Its a small place and usually over crowded. The menu consists of waffles, premium waffles, waffle sandwiches and pancakes.

Also, the place offers some lip smacking beverages like different varieties of iced coffees and hot coffees. If you haven’t explored this place yet, then what are you waiting for??? Go check it now!!

Cost for two – INR 700
Cuisine – Dessert and Beverages
Location – Greater Kailash – 1, M Block Market

So these are my top restaurant/café recommendations and a must try for everyone (There is so much more coming!! Stay excited). I hope you enjoyed reading this one and found it helpful. Do let me know your absolute favorite restaurants/cafés in the comments section below.

To live a full life, you have to fill your stomach first.

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  1. That’s a very well outlined list of cafes in Delhi! Will surely check out the places I haven’t visited yet!

  2. Good food options. Railway Cutlet in Cafe Delhi Heights is genuinely a must try. The sushi in One8 Commune is good as well.

    Also write a blog on street food in Delhi. Would love to read.

    1. Thank you Shashwat for those kind words! I am glad you liked my recommendations. I’ll be writing soon about the best Street Food options in Delhi! Stay Tuned 😁

  3. Wow! Well done, now you are doing something which makes you truly happy.. I have been to most of the places mentioned and you are in what you are saying…. You just made me hungry…

    1. Thank you Payal for always boosting my confidence! I am glad you found my blog interesting and it made you hungry! Stay tuned for more ❤️

  4. Very well written! I love chinese food and bercos is the place for me to go! Excited for the next one ☺️

  5. Oh my god … I can’t see those pictures 😣😣… Craving for all …amazing choices ritu…can’t agree more.

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