Must have travel beauty essentials

Have you been in a spot where you have forgotten your favorite lipstick or that must have face serum? I sure have! It can be very challenging to find your favorite beauty products on the go as prices can fluctuate from country to country. Also not to forget the risk of buying counterfeit products or shelling a lot of money on a replacement.

Its always best to stock up on all your beauty essentials before boarding that flight or leaving for a long trip. I’ve outlined all of my favorite travel beauty products below to help you prepare for your upcoming trip. 

Travel beauty essentials

1. Moisturizer

A face moisturizer is a must for any place you travel to and the most essential one. The one with an SPF is like a cherry on top. As you will be spending a lot of time outdoors investing in a good quality moisturizer is a must. 

I highly recommend checking out moisturizers from brands like  Plum Goodness, Innisfree (affordable) and Clinique  (high end).

Don’t forget to carry a moisturizer for your body too.

2. Sunscreen

After moisturizer the second most important beauty/skincare item has to be Sunscreen. I can’t stress enough how much you need it in your beauty kit.

Day long exploring can expose your skin to harmful UVA/B rays which can have long term effect. Some of the best sunscreens that are available in the market are Nutrogena, Avène and Lotus Herbals.

3. Sheet Masks

If you are someone who loves masking, then this has to be an essential in your kit. Carrying a large tub of mask and finding travel size versions is difficult.

Sheet masks though not the most environmentally friendly can come to your rescue. There are tons of varieties available. For sheet mask’s I highly recommend checking out The Face Shop and Innisfree. 

4. Face wash

You can forget all the makeup in the world, but not a facewash. We all know how important a part facewash plays in our skincare routine so I need not elaborate on it.

Carrying a good facewash which contains exfoliating beads can be a good idea. Some of my favorite facewashes are the ‘Green Tea facewash‘ from Plum Goodness and ‘Jeju Volcanic Facewash‘ from The Faceshop.

5. Blush

If you love pink flushy cheeks, then blushes are your best friends. You can either carry cheek tints or matt blushes as you feel comfortable.

Some of my favorite blushes are from Wet and Wild, Milani and Kay Beauty. I would highly recommend checking out The Face Shop Lip and cheek tints too!

6. Eye Liner

With masks becoming a part of our reality (thanks to Covid 19), its the eyes we all focus on these days. But even before that I was an avid lover of eyeliners. The classic black is love of all times but there are so many colorful one out in the market.

I would recommend checking out Eyeliners from Colorpop, Fenty Beauty and Maybelline.

7. Face Powder

If you are an oily skin girl like me, a face powder is your best friend. Carrying the entire pot of loose powder is not feasible. So either transfer it to a small container or carry a compact.

My favorite face powder’s are from Maybelline, Kay Beauty and MAC cosmetics.

8. Mascara

A mascara can elevate any eye look and open up your eyes after that long party night. (Raise your hands if you also like exploring local clubs while travelling!!)

Some of my fav mascara’s are from Maybelline. I would highly recommend investing in a waterproof mascara.

9. Lipstick

Well lipstick is like a girl’s best friend, obviously after diamonds. From matte to liquid to tints you can take your pick and pack pack pack.

When it comes to lipstick choose something comfortable which you enjoy wearing. From pinks to browns take your pick. 

10. Lipbalm

Another absolute essential is a lipbalm. Just like lipsticks, here also you have tons of options to choose from, tinted and un-tinted, with SPF and without.

Some of my favourite lipbalms are from Maybelline, The Body Shop and Plum Goodness.

11. Concealer

Carrying a full face of makeup is something I would not recommend if you are someone who sweats a lot like me. On such days, a concealer comes to my rescue.

When it comes to concealer I only trust the ‘Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer’.

12. Makeup fixer spray

To seal all that makeup a good make up fixer is a must in your kit. On a hot summer day this bad boy can come to your rescue.

Some of the best makeup fixers that I recommend are MAC Fix+, Maybelline New York Lasting Fix Make Up Setting Spray and Elf Magic Mist and Setting spray.

Make up essentials

13. Shampoo and conditioner

Carrying a shampoo and conditioner is a must for long trips. If you have some special scalp condition, carrying a shampoo recommended by your dermatologist is important as you might not find them where you travel too.

To save space in your luggage, you can either carry shampoo sachets and transfer your fav shampoo in travel bottles.

14. Make-up Remover

I have been one of those girls who has forgot to carry a makeup remover on my travels. Carrying a makeup remover is a must for getting rid of those tough mascara residue and eyeliner.

I highly recommend the Garnier Micellar Water or the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micellar Water.

15. Microfiber Towels

Rather than carrying cotton pads, I would recommend investing in a makeup removal tower or a microfiber towel. These are soft cotton towels which are gentle on the screen and help remove makeup smoothly. 

You can find them on Amazon easily. The one I use, I bought it from Miniso.

Travel makeup kits

During travels, its best to keep your makeup and skincare routine fairly simple. A liner, mascara, powder, some lipstick and you are good to go.

There are various kits available in the market from makeup to skincare carrying all the essentials. You can invest in these travel size kits to save some extra space in your luggage.

You can shop all the above mentioned products on Amazon, Nykaa and Sephora.

No matter wherever you travel in the world, keeping your favorite beauty essentials at all times will help you maintain beautiful skin and hair.

Tell me in the comments section below what is your number one travel essential.

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  1. Wow nice blog! My travel essential is a kohl, eyeliner and lip balm! I always carry these in my bag anywhere!

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