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2020 has been the year of many firsts. I never imagined (ok may be slightly I did!), that we would be stuck at home in a pandemic. But as travel is bouncing back and many states are relaxing their regulations, I am sure you all would be planning your short weekend trips. Well this post talks about 10 travel essentials which you should absolutely carry with you to your next adventure.

Now for each and everyone their travel essentials might differ, but I believe these 10 things you should have in your bags. Though a lot of states are relaxing the necessity of getting a negative COVID 19 report, I would highly recommend you all to get the test done! So without any further ado, lets get started!!!!

Sanitizer, Mask, Disinfectant and Paper Soaps (Putting them all in one single category!)

Even before the pandemic for me a sanitizer was a necessity. But given the current situation it is all the more necessary. A sanitizer is a like a quick fix while you are travelling. Many a times you might not get access to water while using public washrooms and then this can be your savior. If you are someone who doesn’t like to use sanitizers, then paper soaps are the best alternatives for you. They are easy to carry and mostly hassle free. Another recent addition has to be a masks and disinfectants! I would highly recommend and urge you to carry the same!

Travel essentials

Portable charger and charging cords

Don’t we all hate it, when we are out and about exploring a new place and the battery of our phone dies! Honestly looking for a café to charge your phones or waiting to get back to the hotel doesn’t seem like a viable option to me. I would highly recommend you to always carry a portable charger with you. You would not only be helping yourself but also your friends. Invest in a compact and potent device. Anything below 10,000mAh is pretty much not worth it!

Neck Pillow

Next on my list has to be a neck pillow. Long flights or bus journeys can become a little bit easier with this baby by your side. If you haven’t invested in a neck pillow yet, then my friend you are missing on some major comfort! It can really make a difference for your posture and energy when you get to the new place. I would recommend you buying a pillow with memory foam as it can be more comfortable.

Earphones/Airpods /Wireless Earphones

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Carrying a pair of earphones can be a lifesaver in situations when you want to escape the world for a few moments. Also, sometimes the hustle bustle at the airport or at the railway station, even in a bus can be too much to take. In such situations earphones can be your ultimate savior.  It can help you focus and improve your travel experience. If you’re seeking a pair, go for the noise-cancelling ones, extremely useful in loud environments.

Carrying your own water bottles and metal straws

It is the year 2020 and we have to understand that climate and environmental changes are for real. Sure it is easy to buy a plastic bottle but it is definitely not good for the environment. I would highly urge you all to carry a water bottle on you. Even at the airports past the check points there are water fountains available where you can fill your bottle and be good to go! Thank God for all the amazing inventions that are taking place in this era, there is an option to buy collapsible bottles also which take less space and be easily to carry around (You can find tons of option on Amazon!!).

Also instead of always taking a plastic straw at any restaurant you can definitely carry a metal straw with you. They come in packs of four with a cleaner!

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Taking care of your skin is an absolute must while you are on your holiday. You don’t want to get a weird tan on your body or even worse, A SUN BURN. To avoid these, I would highly recommend you to invest in a good sunscreen as recommended by your dermatologist or any sunscreen that you fancy. Anything above a SPF of 30 can be a good option for you. My favorites have to be the one from Lotus Herbals and Neutrogena.

A Universal Travel Adaptor

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This is one of the most underrated things but can essentially come in very handy. Depending on where you are headed, a padlock can be highly tricky to find. It can act as an extra layer of safety whenever you are away from your stuff.

If you tend to stay in hostels more often, I would highly recommend carrying one with you!

Wear your heaviest jacket and always carry a pair of clothes in your carry on bag!

This next tip will come in handy if you are travelling to a colder place . Its advisable to wear your heaviest jackets to save space in your luggage. Jackets tend to take up a lot of space while you are packing and can leave little room for anything else. If you want to carry more outfits for your trip, this tip can come in very handy. Also, I would recommend carrying a light jacket while you are travelling by flight as it can sometimes get very chilly.

Another very important point is carrying a pair of clothes in your carry on bag. You never know when your suitcase can get misplaced or isn’t transferred to the next flight in case of stop over journeys. Trust me, I have seen people suffer just because they could not find their luggage and they had to spend two to three days in the same pair of clothes!!

Lip Balm

Tada, I am finishing my list with a very odd item! But guys trust me its the small things that matter. Even a small item like lip balm can be an absolute essential and should be a part of your travel bag. You don’t want to ask people for lip balms! Its 2020 and maintaining personal hygiene has become even more important. If you ask my favorite lip balm recommendations, it has to be Laneige lip sleeping mask, Maybelline baby lips and the Nivea Original lipbalm.

Travel essentials

So there you go, my 10 must have travel essentials. Honestly, the list can go on and on depending on the type of traveler you are! But, I believe these 10 things are absolute essentials which you should carry with you while travelling.

What additional items do you think are essentials for you. Tell me in the comments!!!

I get ideas about what’s essential when I pack my suitcase – Diane von Furstenberg

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  1. Very well written! I think additionally you can also include a shawl for the flights! It sometimes become uncomfortable to wear a jacket and sit on the flight!

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