5 best photo editing apps for your phone

These are great photo editing apps (for both Android and Iphone) which can help you make your content stand out!

Are you looking to promote your business with the power of social media or someone trying to make a personal brand? Catching your customer’s attention is hard, especially when attention spans are shrinking to as low as eight seconds

As a travel blogger editing photos is an important part of my job. Using a photo editing app can help you get one step closer to success.

But first, what is a photo editing app?

A photo editing app is a software application designed to edit pictures on a mobile device.
This type of app offers a diverse range of features such as cropping, filters, text overlays and lot more!

So without waiting any further, lets dive into top 5 apps that you need to enhance those beautiful images you took!


Available on iOS and Android 

Photo Editing apps

Snapseed, owned by Google is an app widely used by professional photographers. The app is packed with wide range of features such as color tools, filter options, selective editing and lot more. From vintage to vibrant, one can create different styles and tones.

Snapseed’s traditional tools and amazing editing features make it one of the best photo editing apps available in app stores. The app is free to use and there is no premium version available.

Lightroom Mobile

Available on iOS and Android 

Lightroom Mobile or the Adobe Lightroom is the most loved editing software around the world. Lightroom has a mobile and desktop version which can be easily synced with one another. Lightroom Mobile is packed with features such as cropping, color wheel, smart photo organization and lot more.

The best part of Lightroom are presets. You can achieve pro editing faster with presets. There are many professional youtubers and instagrammers selling their custom presets which can be easily applied to your pictures. One click and some little tweaks – “Beautiful pictures”. I am linking my fav presets here for you – https://www.kritikagoelshop.com/collections/presets

Most features are free but some such as healing , geometry are paid upgrades.

Photoshop Express

Available on iOS and Android 

Another favorite editing app of professional photographers is the Adobe Photoshop Express. Its similar to Lightroom but at the same time different in so may ways different.

If you are someone who struggles using Photoshop then this app can come to your rescue. The best part of the app is selection of smart filters. These filters automatically correct common issues, such as color temperature and exposure problems.

Its a free app with no premium versions.


Available on iOS and Android 

VSCO is an app loved by Gen Z. Much like Instagram, VSCO combines a camera, editing tools and an online community.

VSCO is famous for its filters. The free app provides a set of stunning filters that can give your photos a vintage look. It’s got a great selection of black-and-white filters too, making it a great choice to experiment with, if you’re into moody monochrome shots.

The paid version comes with some extra filters and features, but trust me the free version is good enough! The app does come with the basic editing tools like crop images, borders. 


Available on iOS and Android 

PicsArt is an easy and fun to use app. Apart from the editing options it provides a lot of creative control. If you are someone who is into creative photography then this is the app for you.

Apart from the regular editing features the app is filled with some fun overlays and stickers. You can make highly customizable collages and add artistic text.

Though most features of the app are free to use, a premium version does exist. But the same is pricey and something I won’t recommend.

So there you go, my top 5 photo editing apps for your phone. If you ask me – what’s my fav app? I would say Snapseed and Lightroom. I would highly recommend you all to check these apps out.

I would love to know which apps you use for editing your pictures? Which app are you most excited to use? Let me know in the comments section below. Until then stay tuned for more such tips and recommendations!

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  1. Very informative. For someone like me who struggles editing photos and relies on inbuilt features in my phone, this is really helpful.

  2. Useful blog, i have used Snapseed and its a nice app, have heard great reviews of Lightroom as well. Will try the other apps too!

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