The Beginner’s Guide to International Trip

The one thing that should be on everyone’s bucketlist is “Travelling Abroad”. Whether you are taking a vacay to a nearby country or another corner of the world, the thought of taking your first international trip releases all the good hormones.



Travelling has taught me so much and has helped me shape as a person. I still remember the feeling of taking my first international trip – All the mistakes I did and everything I learnt along the way! 

Al Seef, Dubai

I know how intimidating it can be to take your first international trip and the amount of preparation it requires. But not to worry, in this blog I will be covering everything that you need to know!

Apply for a passport

When you are travelling internationally, your passport is your main identity and most prized possession.


If you need a new passport, then its prudent to apply well in advance. There are a list of documents required for the same and it can anything between a week to ten days. You can check additional information on this site – Indian Passport Information

Research the destination

Well now that you have got your passport, the next thing on your agenda is researching all about the destination you wish to visit. A pro tip is to read tons of blogs and not only depend on Youtube videos for all the information.


Another tip would be to start slow and choose a destination which you can be navigated easily!

Check for Visa and Travel Requirements

Every country has different visa and travel requirements. It also depends on which country’s passport you hold. For ex. if you are holding a US passport it gives visa free access to a lot of countries around the world.


Make sure you go through the official website of different countries to check the documentation required for obtaining visa and also other travel requirements active at that time!

Gardens by the Bay
Marina Bay Sands

Set a budget

Setting a budget for any trip is a very (very) important aspect of planning one. Going to certain international destinations can cause a serious dent in your bank account. Destinations like Iceland, Switzerland, London have to be planned in a very calculative way.


When it comes to travel, my number one tip is to create a travel savings account where you can save a certain amount of earnings to plan exotic vacations!

Apply for a Travel Card

On my first international trip all I carried with me was cash but trust me a travel card makes your life so simple! There are various travel cards in the market which offer zero forex mark up, free lounge access etc.


Personally I use the Niyo Global Debit Card and it has worked great for me. Do a thorough research and then choose a card which works best for you!

Palawan Beach, Singapore
Tanjong Beach, Singapore

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is something which one hope they never use but it’s always best to have it. A travel insurance is a must if you are travelling abroad to cover for any mishaps that might happen while travelling.


For travel insurance in India, some companies that I highly recommend are Tata AIG and Bharat Insurance.

Create an Itinerary

Now that your destination is decided and the number of days you will be spending, its time to set the itinerary! While one should always keep some scope of spontaneity during travels, scoping out a plan can help you be organized.


While planning your itinerary, make sure to list down all the places you want to cover along with their opening and closing timings. This was the biggest mistake I did on my recent trips!

Book your flight and accommodation

Well now you’ll have to do the ultimate thing book the flights and accommodation for your first international destination.

I have already mentioned the best places from where you can book flights and accommodation under Travel resources tab on my website. Go check it out here – Travel Resources.

Just Go!!

Now that you have booked your tickets, accommodation, set your itinerary its try to pack your bags and just go!

Trust me your first trip is going to be super special and all you have to do is take that flight!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and it motivated you to plan your first international trip.

If you have any other queries, you can drop them in the comments below!


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