The Ultimate Travel Bucketlist for 2023

Where will 2023 take you? Its almost 7 months down in 2022, and I’ve started day dreaming about all the far-flung destinations and local hotspots I want to explore next year. I find the months of August-September to be the best time to start planning and curating a bucketlist for myself. Just like last year’sContinue reading “The Ultimate Travel Bucketlist for 2023”

Travel Bucketlist for 2022 (An Epic List!)

People often ask me, why do I create bucketlists for a coming year or what purpose it serves. Am I able to achieve all destinations listed on my travel bucketlist or not. For me a bucketlist serves as a motivator. It reminds me of why I run a travel blog, why I share my experiencesContinue reading “Travel Bucketlist for 2022 (An Epic List!)”

Cheap countries you can travel to from India

Planning your first ever international trip is indeed a task. From choosing the right place to setting the right budget, these are decisions which cannot be taken lightly. I have been planning my dream ‘first’ international trip for long. I have zeroed upon so many locations and always end up getting confused on which locationContinue reading “Cheap countries you can travel to from India”