Staycation at Pullman Hotels (Experience)

Whether we all like it or not, the Pandemic has changed the face of travel. The once fast travel life is now replaced with a slow and responsible one. But even when so many countries are encouraging to travel, the threat of another wave looms. If you ask me, my mind is still at splitsContinue reading “Staycation at Pullman Hotels (Experience)”

India’s gets its first “Museum of Illusions”

I have always been someone who has enjoyed going to the museum. Be it the National History Museum or the Wax museum, Delhi has so much to offer. And to add to this collection comes the distinctive and one of a kind “Museum of Illusions“. The Museum of Illusion is a unique and interactive concept,Continue reading “India’s gets its first “Museum of Illusions””

Top things to do on your trip to Delhi

DELHI – The capital city of India has its own charm. I am not saying this because I was brought up here. Despite all that’s said about this city, I truly love it. From the various monuments that speak a lot about the city’s history to the streets which speak about its character, this cityContinue reading “Top things to do on your trip to Delhi”