Ultimate packing list for your beach trip!

Are you planning a trip to the beach soon? I surely am. After almost living a year indoors and somehow surviving the pandemic, I can’t wait to hit the beach. Soak in the sun, squish my toes against the sand and see the waves crashing the shore.

As I think of all this, another thing which crosses my mind is packing the perfect beach essentials and not missing anything. So here I am compiling a list of all those beach essentials so that you and me can plan the perfect holiday!


One of the most basic and at the same time important item you should carry is a sunscreen.ย A minimum of SPF 35 is your best friend. You can forget to carry your favorite lipstick but not this!


Well, I am the queen of forgetting my sunnies at home. We all have multiple pairs of sunglasses, but forget to pack the same for our trips. On a beach besides sunscreen, sunglasses can be your best friend. They can protect your eyes from the heat and aid you in seeing better.

Beach Trip

Beach Wear

The next obvious tip would be to back some comfortable beach wear. For my girls out there you can pack some nice flowy dresses in light colors, shorts, cotton T-shirts and kaftans. For my boys out there you can pack some shorts, T-shirts and breezy shirts.ย 

When it comes to shoes, pack some comfortable flip flops, sandals or espadrilles. They will keep your feet sweat-free.ย 

Pro tip – Always carry an extra pair of clothes if you plan to take a shower at the beach.

Beach cover-up

A beautiful and lightweight beach coverup is a must have. This beach dress comes in variety of designs and fabrics to choose from. Its easy to slip in and out, go for a stroll on the beach!

Foldable Sun Hat

A straw hat or a sun hat is both stylish and practical at the same time. It can help protect from the harsh sun rays is the perfect accessory to carry around.

Quick dry beach towel

A beach towel is larger than a usual towel and has a lighter fabric. They are not only compact but also lightweight, quick drying and sand resistant.ย 

Beach Towel

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SPF Lip Balm and Sea salt spray

The first and the last thing we all worry about on a beach holiday is getting tanned and hair getting all messed up due to salt water.

While getting tanned is something very natural you can still prevent your lips by investing in a SPF lip balm.

As for your hair, apply a little sea salt spray and get those natural wavy locks!

Waterproof phone case

A transparent waterproof phone case is your perfect buddy for those beach selfies. Make sure to buy one which has a highly responsive screen and compatible with most phones. A true beach bag essential and a worthy gadget.

External Battery

If your phone’s battery gets depleted fast, you must carry an external battery with you (its an essential for any trip actually). Also you can charge your other devices on the go like camera’s or any other electronics you are carrying.

Water bottle

All day at the beach can make you dehydrated. Carrying a water bottle is a smart decision and also eco friendly.

Beach bag

To carry all these essentials you have to have a beach bag on you. There are various options to choose from. Rattan bags are all the rage right now. They look stylish and amp up any outfit.

Carrying a cloth bag is another cool option. They are available in funky colours/patterns, are spacious and eco friendly.

So there you go my Ultimate Beach Packing List. I am sure this list will help you in packing the right essentials for your next adventure. Do let me know if I have missed out on something.

Until then, stay tuned for the next one.


10 thoughts on “Ultimate packing list for your beach trip!

  1. Very well written Ritu. Hats and sunglasses are a must. However from my personal experience i would suggest leaving phones in the room itself while travelling to the beach.

    1. Glad you found it useful! I won’t recommend keeping the phones in the room, I mean we need to click amazing photos too!

  2. Nice quite informative! Don’t refrain from sharing your stuff with me ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I would like to add, that you should carry some food to the beach if you are planning to stay longer there. Because once I went to a beach & spent plenty of time there, by continuous walking I reached at a point where I felt hungry and there’s no food around. So, a small quantity of food is a must to carry.

    1. Thats actually a great tip! There are times when food shacks are not near by. Packing some food can be such a saviour!

  4. Thatโ€™s so helpful! I ll make sure to carry a beach towel and a waterproof case for my phone! Also, sea salt spray for my hair!

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